Alec is influenced by music, literature, and the artistic figures that inspire him. His works range from graphic arts, illustration, painting, poetry, and filmmaking. Some of his pieces hang in local restaurants while others are ready for purchase online. Despite his age, Alec has participated in many art shows receiving a number of awards for his works, through all of these mediums, Alec’s diverse style aims to express what is most important to him, whether it be inner or outer subject matter.

Many themes come into play in Alec’s work. From universal to the quite personal, his work communicates through a lens of artistic interpretation varying viewpoints of the world in both a realistic and philosophical sensibility. Much of Alec’s work clashes both traditional religious imagery and modern elements, and creates a juxtaposition of eras with an aesthetic that serves not to justify one point but to eradicate all truths, and keep asking questions.

“Goss dissects the digital age and reflects it back distorting the social norms many people experience everyday.”

With this break down of images and seeing how technology may influence an artwork, Alec strives to mirror our popularity driven society and scramble the stream of observation into works that not only critique the effects of advanced machinery, material worship, and popular culture in general, but also the perception of life and religious mortality much like a television receives an image.

“If I had one word to describe the art of Alec Goss, that word would be eclectic. Each of his works contains a fascinating mix of styles, mediums, colours and meanings, and yet, they all combine to substantiate their titles. They seem to find their inspiration from Modernist collage and fragmentation, the rebellion, music, and art of the 60s, and the postmodern eclecticism of today.

What makes Alec’s work most interesting is its ability to represent a myriad of different contexts and subject matters whilst conveying one all-encompassing message. His illustrations are not merely images for images’ sake, but comments on a society finding itself adrift with deception and celebrity.” – Maxine Harris, Fussed Magazine

Although Goss is influenced by many unique and iconic figures, he takes from them an essence and turns it into something of his own. “I am grateful to all who have had a positive and artistic influence on me, another being my parents, and only hope I can have a fraction of the effect on others that these pillars of genious have had on me.